Sunday, April 27, 2008

Millie's First Birthday!!!

I went for it and posted a lot of pictures so beware! Really it was so fun, even for the host and hostess. It was such a delight to have great friends and family members here to make this occasion such a special and memorable one and I guess more than anything I have learned two things: First that I wish we had done this for Joseph's first birthday. And second, there is nothing wrong with throwing a party for a baby that wont remember it.  She had a a blast and so did we.  We will remember and show her the pictures! 

When I went to BYU one of my roommates taught me an important lesson. I was bummed out and overwhelmed with LIFE as I knew it (fighting to make the grade and make money etc.)  Debbie chuckled as if to say, Silly Lacy- and then said, "Stress and grades and multiple jobs- that is not your life.  Your LIFE is the relationships that you form while you are here. Those other things just help make it possible to maintain those relationships."  So much wisdom from a then 20 year old girl.  And it is so true. It is so easy to get caught up in those other things but what really matters and what really brings us joy in life are our relationships, and the love we share with others.  As a mom I was so grateful to have such a fun event to share with my kids, friends and family.  Not all of my favorite people could be here but I am so grateful that so many of you could.
The hats were so fun- and we actually wore them! They were a lot of work but well worth it.
The cupcakes were a hit! I doubled the recipe but I should have tripled it! I know I could have eaten more and I am always worrying that my guests don't get enough to eat! Can food be a love language?
I made some flag banners as well, which I loved.  If I make them again I will use more double sided tape to keep them from sliding into each other.
Millie had SO MUCH fun in the water and on the trampoline!
So much that she (and I) did not realize that she was hungry. When I picked her up to bring her inside to get ready for the cupcakes she grabbed my sandwich and began devouring it! Turkey, swiss, lettuce, tomato and mustard. My little one year old eating her first turkey sandwich! 
She ate her whole cupcake! It was so cute!
This is our great friend and "nanny" Chelsea.  Too bad for us she plans to become a surgeon and is off to college this fall. What will we do without you?
Mima modeling the beloved party hats!  I think Joseph is on his second cupcake- he was so good and had so much fun with his cousins and best buds.
Some of the guys- yes that is Joe with the beard and I love it! He keeps saying he's going to shave it though.
Most of the girls/moms.  It would have been fun to get a group shot but with 13 kids running wet and wild that was pretty much impossible! 

Millie loved climbing all over her presents and even opened one all by herself!
Adorable dress times three!  Three different friends thought of Millie when they saw this dress and gave it to us! We just might keep all three!
Millie got to wear a new dress to church today and Joseph is looking as handsome as ever!
My little one year old!  Where did the year go!  I'm happy and sad to see my little girl growing up, and just so grateful that Heavenly Father sent her to our family!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Progress- I think.

Okay- one more detail to add ( and a few more hats to make!). Overall, a good experience BUT it is kind of an absurd amount of work for such a fragile little thing. Oh well!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Because it's the journey that counts.. right?

I am planning a fun little party for Millie's big 1st birthday. I was slightly ambitious prior to entering Michael's due to a talk I had with my sister as I sat in my car. She assured me my ideas were good but that if I got the nerve I should do something cute and creative with stripes or polka dots... So here I am.. trying to follow a Martha Stewart: Crafts brochure. Hopefully by Saturday my hats will look more like Martha's. In the meantime I'm sure Joe will continue to urge me to "just go buy some decorations!"

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Joseph at 2 Years and 9 months

My little boy is growing up. We have seen this change in him lately and maybe some of you have seen it, too. He has this renewed confidence and assurance in himself that probably has something to do with increasing ability to understand and be understood. He is just as energetic as always but is a little easier to reason with and convince why we can't do/have/eat something right now. Instead of screaming and flipping out when he doesn't get his way, he will sometimes look at me and giggle like he knows he was pushing it. Don't get me wrong he still does some of the flipping out but I can see that he is learning and that is progress. He loves to cuddle and give and receive physical affection and he sings his ABC's everywhere we go as loud as he can (Yeah, he's moved on from "Bah, Bah, Black Sheep" but I believe it is the same notes). We are still working on the volume thing! He has started eating more fruits and veggies again and that is a huge relief. AND he plays very well on his own. He loves to run around the trampoline and pretends to shoot something out of his hands and I hear his pretend scenarios that he sets up with whatever he has in front of him (a wash cloth, for example). He loves cuddling with Millie in our rocker in her room after she gets up in the morning or from a nap. He is such an inspiring little guy and has adjusted brilliantly to having a younger sibling. I love you Joseph!

Saturday, April 12, 2008



We fill our days with story time at the library, trips to the park and the museum, errands, play dates, play groups, crafts, books, toys, backyard fun with the trampoline and the kiddy pool and the bikes. But somehow, as a mother, so much of our time is isolated from everyone and everything else... There must be something to learn from that- maybe that helps to forge the incredibly strong bond between mother and child- just a complete reliance on each other for company and laughter and fun. Or maybe it is to learn how to prioritize because a little child makes it known that they must be top priority. In any case, being Joseph and Millie's mom is by far the most difficult, most fun and coolest thing that I have ever done. I am so grateful for them and Joe too, of course!

(P.S. Thanks to Alicia for the awesome photos and to Alicia and Kira for a very fun day in Cedar Key!)