Monday, August 27, 2007

Busy Weekend

The coolest kids ever.

Something you will never see again in your life.

This weekend we had two events to participate in. Friday night we held a party for some of our best friends, Justin and Kira, and their new little son Evan. They recently adopted this beautiful boy and we wanted to give him the welcome that he deserves. Irene (red shirt) and I had a great time planning the dinner menu and cooking for the party. These pictures show some of the highlights. It was a lot of fun. Joe's brother Chris is back in town and in the large group shot around the table- we love you Chris.
Saturday night we attended Joe's 10 year High School Reunion. It gave me a hint as to what I missed out on at my 10 year reunion this past summer. I'm sure I would have enjoyed my own reunion much more but it was fun to get out with Joe.

My goal to get back in shape is going well. Last week I got 5 out of 6 of my planned workouts in. This week I hope to do all 6. Seminary is going well for Joe. Everyday there seems to be more and more participation.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Try, Try Again

Joe and I stumbled across this old picture of what we used to look like! Boy, were we hot. So anyway- this post is dedicated to our right and ability to change some major habits and try to get back what appears to be long gone in the way of fitness. We are really excited for Joe to teach seminary and I know it will help both of us make better use of our time and make sure to fit exercise in there somewhere. We both got up at 4:45 this morning so that I could go to the gym and Joe could get ready for seminary. It felt so good to start my day so early - before my kids were awake and needing my attention. So, help me remember this enthusiasm when a few weeks from now (maybe a few days) my feelings might have changed alittle. I can do it!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007


This week was full of firsts. Joseph's first bath with his apple, first time on his toy quad naked, and Millie's first time in the Baby Einstein's play center. Not pictured, it was also the first time we have gated Joseph's door to teach him to sleep in his room at night. For some reason that was more bearable than locking him in. It is still sad to lock the gate on him and hear him cy but every night he cries less and less and wakes up less. He seems happier the next day due to his getting better sleep. So, while it seems like a very cruel and heartless thing to our two year old I know it is the right thing. Especially because Joe is teaching seminary this year and will be starting on monday (another first) and so we will be short on sleep. Thank goodness Millie is a good sleeper. She rolls to her tummy and sucks her thumb and goes like 10 to 12 hours regularly. Such a blessing.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Happy Birthday Joe!

Today, (August 5th) is Joe's 28th birthday and I wanted to share that he is such a wonderful husband and father. Most of you know he is very bright. I have always been amazed at his ability to read about politics or current events and put it in context of our lives. You all know he is very funny and eloquent and good with his words. You all know he has a very high standard for what is loyal and he lives up to this standard. He makes very good friends with people and maintains his friendships very well. A few things you might not know...

You probably don't know that he gets up every night with our 2 year old son so that I can get my rest to take care of our three month old baby. He is tender and caring despite his natural ability to be the disciplinarian in the family. His tenderness, interest and involvement with the kids increases daily. When he is home he splits the tasks of parenting evenly with me. I am embarrassed to admit that he cooks more than I do lately and his meals are just as tasty as mine! He deals with my natural ability for correcting him(!) very well and continues to love and support me despite my weaknesses, which are not few. He treats me like I am the neatest person he has ever known. He works so hard to keep our little family happy and humming along. He makes it a priority to take me to California to visit my family at least twice a year and never makes me feel like it is a burden. He loves my family almost as much as I do. I love him so much!

With the help of my sister Lillie I have created a little slideshow of our lives together. If you are in the mood have a look. I apologize to those of you who prefer a post that is less personal. I'm not really good at impersonal.

As usual, click play twice.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Family Vacations

Joseph as an Artist

Last night Joe and I were reviewing our photos from our trip to the beach and we discovered that Joseph had exercised some creativity and snapped more than a few photos himself. We estimate 60 or 70. Wow. So with some liberal editing we find he has some talent. It is really fun getting to see the world from his perspective.