Sunday, November 8, 2009


The kids got more interested in Halloween this year. Millie changed her mind about what she wanted to be every day leading up to it, but when it came time to get ready she was very committed to be a ballerina. What? That wasn't really one of the options. Joseph, as you can see was Buzz Light Year like his best friend Hunter. "I'm the real Buzz!" "No, I am!" They were very cute and didn't really seem to mind they had the same costume on.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sandbox- A Huge Accomplishment

My wonderful husband flexed his muscles as he built this sandbox from scratch! The first segment of the project took the better part of a saturday. He had help from our great friend Walmir- to whom we are so grateful for the tools and the labor. They got the frame of the box built and in place. It sat empty for a few days- while I and the children grew impatient. I foolishly made a trip to Home Depot to buy the Sandbox sand when I realized that it wasn't the best night to make Joe unload 1,200 pounds of sand: Wednesday (I will be at church) and the next morning we would be leaving for a trip. So we waited another week and were so happy when it was filled.

We are a match made in heaven for many reasons. One of the less glamorous being that we both sweat like crazy in this balmy peninsula.

He continued working and created an original design of folding doors to protect the interior of the box from any passing cats (which I have never seen in our neighborhood) or leaves or what have you...

As you can see the children love to make a stop in the sandbox in their circuit of destruction in the backyard. It has been really nice weather this week and we love to go outside, sit in the shade and play in the sand. The tricky part is getting Millie to keep her clothes on.

Even though Joe did all the work I felt accomplished when he was done. I was so proud of all that he did- the sweating, the hours outside and in the garage, cutting, painting, hammering. I didn't mind doing all my indoor mommy tasks as much. He made the comment that he could have bought three sandboxes for the price and time that he had spent on ours. Creating something is worth so much more than just the thing you create. I've started talking about his next project- but I don't think he appreciates that very much. Whenever you are ready- I love you- thank you!


She is looking very depressed as we pull gum from her hair. Joseph took this picture.
She loves suitcases and strapping herself inside them!
I promise she thought of this on her own- there is no way she has ever seen me vacuum in heels and a dress.
My sister took this picture. It captures her beauty and her passion for sweet treats.