Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Really Weird Occurrence and Mima's Birthday!

The strangest thing happened to us this week.  I was playing with the kids in the backyard until about five o'clock.  At that time I brought them in the house to eat.  I put Millie in her high chair, gave her some Cherrios and went to the sink to wash out her sippy cup.  While at the sink I looked out the window and could not believe my eyes: the trampoline had disappeared from it's corner of the yard.  I truly blinked, opened my eyes wider and stretched my neck forward as if that would help me see it.  Nothing.  I scanned the yard- nope- not in the yard at all- and all of our other toys were strewn about in strange places.  Then I noticed the polls from the enclosure sticking up on the other side of the fence.  Somehow a wind lifted the trampoline and flipped it over the fence and out of our yard, without doing any damage to the fence or the tree nearby.  (Unless it was some punk kids which I have never seen in our neighborhood and who would have had to work extremely fast at five o'clock in the afternoon.)  Anyway, very bizarre and sad.  We are not sure the extent of the damage.  At best we just have to buy one poll for the enclosure which we know is badly damaged, at worst we have to buy a whole new trampoline and enclosure which Joe assures me will not be any time soon!  Argh! We loved that thing!

This weekend we also had the pleasure of celebrating Mima's 60th Birthday!  We spent Friday night attending a Rotary Dinner and auction at the Sweetwater Inn and eating delicious cake, and Saturday sharing sandwiches and salads from the Flour Pot.  She is so much fun and does such a good job at keeping her family together.  We love you Mima!