Monday, March 17, 2008

This one's for you Ross

Last night we returned from our long awaited trip to Canada. In reality over a year of planning is not that long but it seemed much longer due to the excitement over the trip! We traveled from Orlando Florida to Calgary and then Golden Canada to enjoy 3 fun filled days skiing and 3 more doing more crazy freezing weather activities. I already said skiing, falling, eating, hot tubbing, tramping in the snow with the kids, laughing, playing games, calming screaming children, ice fishing, running from the snow, roman candle warring, quading, playing with dogs and horses and looking at mountains. Needless to say, it was amazing and we are so grateful that we were exposed to so many new and truly breathtaking things (thanks Justin and Kira!). In the face of "man-cations" everywhere I say it can be done and with far more meaning, love, and enjoyment when you do it with the one's that matter most... Not without tantrums, blowouts, and bickering- but it can be done. More Canada posts to come!

(Picture: We were standing on a frozen lake, Lake Louise about 3 hours west of Calgary. It was beautiful and terrifying to be in such extreme cold that the lake freezes easily 3 feet thick. Irene and Walmir were first to take their very glamorous kissing picture and then Justin and Kira a very clear contender for "sexiest ice kiss". With Millie in the bjorn and Joseph in the background we can't really compete but we sure love our little family!)