Friday, April 9, 2010

Isaac Rafael Lowry

He was born on St. Patrick's Day (March 17) a little after 3pm. He was 10 pounds 14 oz. and I had the epidural for the first time. I think it was the right decision although I still firmly believe in the benefits of natural childbirth- as crazy as most people think I am. I adore little Isaac and I am so grateful for the flood of love that comes and makes all the inconveniences of motherhood worth it. I would not say it is easier to have the 3rd child rather than the 2nd. From my experience so far it is a challenge to have children- but well worth the effort and sacrifice. The older kids love their baby brother. Joseph's preschool teacher said that in all her years of teaching she has never had a student more excited about having a sibling as Joseph is. Mr. Enthusiastic. Millie is very excited as well and likes to participate in as much as she can that has to do with the baby. It would be cuter if it didn't coincide with her absolute rebellion against any and all direction- be it gentle suggestion or loud command. She spends a lot of time in time out. Isaac seems to have an easy going temperament- we will see if that changes. I am so grateful to all the people that have called, brought food by (before and after the birth), played with my kids and offered to play with my kids. I am grateful my in-laws were able to watch the kids for a few days when we were in the hospital. That was not easy. I am also so glad that my mom got to come out and spend a week with us. It is always so special to have her here. Most of all I am grateful to Joe- who rarely understands my emotional fluctuations but is always willing to pick up the slack. It is not easy being the target of service but it is greatly appreciated. It always makes me think of the Savior.