Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to Lacy!

This is Joe. Although this kind of thing is far from new, I wanted to let Lacy know how special she is to me and our family. Even better, I wanted to do it publicly. We met almost 8 years ago and have been married for almost seven. She's brought 2 beautiful children into this world and dedicated her life to the well-being our our family. She is selfless, thoughtful, and caring. She is a wonderful friend, a loving sister, and devoted daughter. She is the woman and wife of my dreams and I am lucky to have her.

We are about one month from welcoming a new child into our family. I am so glad that I married a woman who embraces the responsibility of motherhood the way that Lacy does. I'm even more grateful that she has chosen to put up with me. These are some pictures from the time that we've been together.

This was taken about 6 weeks before we we married.

This was at Marco Island, after our first anniversary. I love her hair in this picture.

Later that summer we went to Utah and hiked Mt. Timpanogos. One of my favorite pictures of her.

Joseph loves snuggling with his Mommy. He says that she makes him warm. No one soothes his leg aches or gives him comfort like his mom. He was around 10 months in this picture.

This is Lacy with her sweet kids. I love how Millie calls her Momma. There are MANY things that Millie prefers her Momma take care of. Can you blame her?

This was last year, the big 3-0, a surprise party thrown for Lacy and her friend Lauren by their friend Alicia (with husbandly help of course). I can't believe that a year has passed. Thank you for being who you are, and making me a better man. I love you Lacy! Happy birthday!