Saturday, March 24, 2007


Joe made these two little videos of Joseph and I thought I'ld share how much fun we have with him. He is "talking" all the time now and even has quite a few words. This week he learned to say "reach" and "more" which sounds more like "my". We've been working on "more" for quite some time because as a mother it sure simplifies things when they can ask for more food, milk, etc.

We are officially moving into our new house on friday but all week we will be going back and forth taking things over that should not wait until friday. So it is a very fun week for us. Joseph is so excited to have a yard as am I. It is also nice to be on one story and not have to worry about the hazards of stairs or only working on one floor at a time. It is very different to work throughout the whole house and let Joseph just tag along behind where ever I go.

This baby is due in 4 weeks and I cannot wait. I will welcome it whenever I happen to go into labor. Joe and I have been reviewing a book I bought and followed on natural childbirth when I had Joseph. It's a little bit like trying to watch A Baby Story on TLC. It doesn't quite have the same charm as it did before I had ever had a child. Now I really cannot watch another woman go through labor. I just can't do it. I know exactly how it feels and I don't need to relive it again until I am having another child. That said, I still have the same game plan. It all went extremely well and I am hoping to have the same "luck" the second time around.

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Friday, March 9, 2007

Sleep Deprivation

It's funny how no matter how tired I am at 4:30 in the afternoon I will never go to bed early like I swear I am going to. This past week was especially difficult with Joseph's ongoing sleep issues. (I think I hear him waking up now). We had maybe six good months of easy to bed and easy to go back to bed if he ever woke up. But the past few weeks it seems he has returned to old habits. A major problem seems to be that he inherited his fathers' (1) poor drainage in his ears and (2) allergies to common pollens, etc. So, every time he gets a cold or has congestion due to allergies he also gets a roaring ear infection. Today I took Joseph to the doctor and found out that we are currently on his 8th ear infection in a year. According to Joseph's pediatrician that qualifies him for tubes in the ears. Even after everything he went through as a newborn I still have reservations about him being "put under" in order to complete this simple proceedure. My one comfort is knowing that once he has the tubes his incidence of ear infections should greatly reduce and therefore, I will not have to face the dilema of whether or not to give him yet another antibiotic. Is it really necessary to put him on antibiotics? Will it clear up on it's own? Shouldn't the body have natural deffenses to combat infection, so aren't we doing it a disservice by interfering? Does any other mother out there have these feelings when they are told to put their child on an antibiotic? When I express these doubts some people look at me like I am an idiot to question what my doctor says and there are a very few who say "yes, it is a complicated issue. Let's talk." And then there is that lonely soul who says, "No- don't give antibiotics ever, just use natural remedies. Oh, and don't vaccinate either." Sometimes I think life would be easier if I didn't question or think critically about my own medical care or that of my child. But, that's just not me. To set the record straight I always end up giving Joseph the antibiotic mostly out of fear that he wont get better and will experience more pain than is fair for a 19 month old. And because this affects my sleep and sanity so directly.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Lots of fun and a little stress

(First I'ld like to explain the photos: The first one is of the little baby girl clothes I recieved at my baby shower. Then there are a few of a recent trip Joe and I took to the U.S. Virgin Islands. Beautiful place, although I am looking very pregnant. Then you see Joseph with his little cousins Michelle and Nicole and one from my shower.)

This is a really fun time for our family! First we are preparing for a new baby girl! Second, we are getting close to moving into our new home that has been in the works since August. I think anyone that knows me could agree that I welcome change wholeheartedly but when it comes time to carry out the change I can get a little stressed out. I think it's very natural. It would be very strange if these two large events did not cause me some degree of stress. So, as a result most of my life right now revolves around picking out new stuff for the baby room, making visits to the new house to make sure everything is turning out as planned, compromising with Joe on money management decisions and, of course, taking Joseph to the park to work out his toddler energy.

Last night a great friend of mine threw me a baby shower. She kept it simple and focused on what I love- chocolate! There were chocolate chip cookies, chocolate fondue, brownies, and even a pretty pink peep centerpiece. She had informed everyone that my needs for the new little girl included, but were not limited to, adorable little dresses. So I am very greatful to have recieved a whole closet full of them. Nancy also created a very relaxed and comfortable setting for many of my sweet girlfriends to sit around and chat. With little children it is often difficult to find time to talk to girlfriends, or at least to finish a conversation. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect evening to celebrate this pregnancy.

Thursday, March 1, 2007


My husband Joe put these videos together in the past year. This is our son Joseph. I thought it would be a nice way to start.

At 19 months

At 18 months

At 13 months