Sunday, January 13, 2008

Disney Half Marathon

Yesterday I was able to run in the Disney Half Marathon. It was so fun and exciting to be a part of something so huge. Seeing so many people with the same goal is really motivating. I saw all different types of people. Chubby, thin, short, tall, old, young. People running for a cause or in memory of a person or loved one. Many people walked, some ran extremely fast. I achieved my goal of running/jogging the whole time without walking. For me that was enough. It was thrilling to set my mind to doing it and then not letting any ache or pain or swelling to get in my way! I don't think I have felt that good about myself since the birth of either one of my children. I'm not ready to say that I want to do it again but never say never. My next goal is the Disney mini-Triathlon!

It was really fun to be able to start the race with these two lovely ladies. Irene and Kira made the experience all the more exciting as we waited for our turn to cross the starting line and get moving. With 16,000 people running not everyone is able to start moving at the official "start" time. So we waited like cattle in a corral and moseyed forward every once in awhile. But of course with Irene's anxious tummy and Kira's rocking out to the music I had plenty of entertainment!

From mile 6 on I just focused on seeing Joe and my kids faces, either on the sidelines or at the finish. I knew it would feel so good to see them and kiss them. I am so glad that they could come and cheer me on!

I trained for the half marathon with a group in town. Corrine (left) was our team manager and Emily on the right was another first timer. I did not expect to meet people with so much dedication, commitment, and fun and easy personalities.