Thursday, July 2, 2009


I wanted to dedicate this post to my son. It is his birth month and who knows if I will find the time to write between now and the actual day so here goes... I'm sure my two readers already know the story of his rocky start, but just in case... he was born with something called Transposition of the Great Arteries. His body was getting blood that was only 32% oxygen saturated due to a major heart defect. He was taken from my arms almost immediately after birth, intubated and examined by various doctors and specialists. The day after he was born he was flown to Miami Children's Hospital where genius Doctor Redmond Burke performed a surgery to correct his defect. He had open heart surgery at 6 days old. It was a wild, emotional roller coaster to say the least.

These pictures were taken in rare but much appreciated moments of peace.
He quickly grew as strong and healthy as any average baby...
See if you can pick him out here (Hunter is in this picture as well!)

Me and Joseph, my sister Lillie and Sophia, and my sister-in-law Jeannette and baby Ryon
We each had babies within the time span of two months. It was and continues to be so fun to get together with our kids that are the same age! Don't we look tired!
I think that if you asked him, this would be one of the highlights of Joseph's life. Driving a go-cart with his dad. What could be better. He really loves everything about his daddy and loves spending time with him any time he can. They are also very similar in interests and personal strengths.

When I found him like this the other day I had to work to keep from gagging. I was raised in a family that kept butter out on the counter so it would be soft and spreadable when one wanted toast. At first Joe thought he was going to get sick from it but he quickly caught on and gives me a hard time if I forget to put a new stick out for his toast the next morning. Anyway, Joseph apparently could not wait to get his finger into it and chow down.  He is usually very dependent on me to get his snacks so I guess I was a little proud that he just went for it while I was out of the room.
Joseph has been really interested in lizards for awhile but this was the first time he caught one and made friends with it. He was very sweet with it and kept talking to it like it was a little friend. I am also proud to say he did not end up killing it on accident or anything. He let the little guy down and we told him he went home to his family.
Joseph will be 4 at the end of this month and this is my favorite age, I think. He is so lovable and so loving. So compassionate and while he maintains his strong will and PASSION for life he is more reasonable and responsive to gentle prodding by mom and dad to do things a little differently.  Tonight he got so excited at the prospect of earning a quarter by cleaning the toy room and saving it in his piggy bank. While I know that cleaning up after himself should not require cash reward, I am excited to teach him the value of money and hard work and reaping what you sow. He is saving up for some jacks that he saw at the grocery store.  I really am so lucky to have this little boy in my life and my family. I love you Joseph!