Wednesday, June 10, 2009

John and Semra are Back...

...and as you can see they have a fun effect on us!  We are so glad they are back in the good old USA! 

Monday, June 8, 2009

Joseph's Joy School Graduation

Joseph graduated from Joy School this weekend and it was a small milestone in our lives.  We are so grateful for the program- for the wholesome values that it reinforced or sometimes taught to our sweet son. It is truly a joy to have a family and see things through their little eyes for the first time.  I would like to thank his teachers, Miss Angela and Miss Lisa for loving my son, showing interest in his future happiness and for your patience. You are both great examples of the things you taught him. He seemed to especially like the songs, the toys at free play time, the little toads, the friends that he made and the exercises that you taught him. Every once in a while I would be stretching and he would show me some of his moves, very impressive.

Joseph loves babies and continually reminds me that he wants a baby to hold.  This baby is Hunter's little brother.  Mima and Papa were able to come and watch Joseph "graduate". They are so supportive.
Miss Angela and Miss Lisa have done such a great job. They love Joseph and are interested in his life. They frequently shared with me the entertaining antics that Joseph was involved in at Joy School that make him unique- because he is definitely unique.
He has grown up so much this year. Even though he looks like he cannot sit or stand still he can take direction so much better than he could a year ago.

We were able to make a family flag for the graduation. Joseph's contribution to the flag was the family portrait. Two funny things about it: 1) when he was drawing himself he drew a huge head and then he said, "And this is me with a big friendly smile," and he drew a huge smile across his huge face. Then he drew a tiny Millie and then he wanted to draw himself again...  Millie's contribution were various scribbles as she said things like, "My California, My Florida, circle, circle, Joef's (Joseph's) Joy School, Mee (Millie's) music class."

 It was so fun to see him participating in the program with his class. He got to sing a special song titled "Talk, Talk, Talk" with his best friend Hunter, a very appropriate choice if you ask me or Alicia. The chorus says, "Talk, talk, talk. Don't fight or shout! Talk, talk, talk till it's all worked out!"