Monday, March 8, 2010

The End is Near

I don't ever remember how hard pregnancy is so I thought I would write about this time. At least this way I can make an educated decision on wether or not to get pregnant again in the future (just kidding... but not really). So if you want to remain in the dark about any discomforts of pregnancy just tune out now.

Pregnancy number three has been my most difficult by far. For the first 20 weeks I had a marked increase in nausea and vomiting, fatigue and intestinal problems. I experienced about 10 good weeks. Around 30 weeks serious hip pain began to impede sleep. As the weeks went by more physical aches and pains appeared as the baby grew and placed strain on my ever weakening yet blossoming body. Of course all the while trying my best to be a good mom dedicated to exposing my children to new experiences and people, crafts and educational preschool games. Up to this point I have felt like I "endured it well", at least I hope I have. Although I do imagine myself several times a day as a mother cat nursing her young. Have you ever seen the face on a cat while she is nursing? It was a long time ago for me but I remember her squinting her eyes slightly in an effort to relax but very clearly seeing a kitty grimace on her face. So that is the image that pops into my mind. Not because my 4 1/2 and almost 3 year old kids are still nursing- they most definitely ARE NOT- but maybe because I feel like that momma cat. Making an effort to look relaxed and enduring the pain or "hardship" of motherhood well but also exposing that secret grimace to anyone looking a little closer.

So the end is near. Of course it could not come too easily. Last week I and my two little ones came down with the nastiest cold that will not go away. You can imagine how it affects them: fatigue, loss of appetite, endless congestion, body aches and pains, coughing, ear infections, etc. I usually boast a very sturdy immune system (very sturdy people should have something to boast about, right?) but I guess not pregnant. It almost feels like it is never going away. I say almost, because I do have faith and I have been praying to get better so I can focus on bringing this baby into the world, but it is not happening as fast as I would like.

So, sadly I feel like this is the worst example I have been of "enduring to the end" in pregnancy so far. My husband comes home early to cook and clean and play with the kids. A few angelic friends have already brought me food (I haven't even had the baby yet!). I feel no guilt at laying down several times a day for a rest or simply refusing to bend over and pick up the toys, crayons, papers, pretzels strewn about the house. I complain to anyone really asking how I am doing. I am just waiting. Hopefully the weeks post-delivery will be better than these.