Monday, July 21, 2008

Beachin' Photos

This is Joe, blogging on Lacy's behalf as she is without computer in beautiful Marco Island, FL. Incidentally, the photo in her header is of a sunset in Marco Island in 2007. Since she can't be on the U.S. West Coast all year, she gets to go to Florida's West Coast for a month. Some photos:

Lacy and Millie in the calm, beautiful, 4th of July waters.
Millie's favorite place to be on the beach- on a chair, eating. She eats all day.
A completely different day, on a chair also, maybe eating.
Definitely eating.

Looking cool...
Storm rolling in...
Beauty after the storm:
Chelsea, Irene, & Walmir (not pictured) came for a visit:

Irene walking artsy a photo Lacy took!
Joseph finished his first real puzzle! He worked on it so quietly, and didn't smile or celebrate until he was finished.
We had a few rainy days last week. We took advantage of a break one morning to take a nice little walk.
Another beautiful afternoon.
Day 1 of my excellent castle. It's being guarded by a crab.
Joseph is a swimming madman. And yes, he is almost jumping right on the stairs. Cool picture, but not something we want to see again.
Sunset on my parents' 33rd anniversary.
Joseph and Millie, tired and happy after a day in the sun.
Mom & Dad- 33 years!
Day 2 of the castle. Notice the two large castle areas, abundance of bridges and portcullis, village with surrounding wall. I was very happy with this. People could be seen stopping to take pictures of and with it. It surived over 3 days. Pretty tough in Florida.