Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Beach

First of all, I'm sorry that I didn't flip this picture before posting it. At this point I've just got to keep going or I'll never finish this post. Millie is really growing up and she is such an angel baby. She is cooing a lot lately and is on a pretty good schedule- provided we have our swing handy. She has pretty cushy life here at the beach- we don't make her spend too much time in the sun and she has Mima and Papa here to pay attention to her adorableness.
Gladys and Paul and their kids were here all together the first week of July and then Paul had to go to work. Gladys and the kids stayed another week and Joseph was in heaven with his counsins just one floor down and ready to play.

Our condo has views of the sun rise. It is beautiful to have the option of watching.

Joe has been growing out his beard and I am always astounded at all the red and blond in it. I rather like the look. It has been so fun to spend so much time as a family on this vacation- even if we have to split up in order to meet the needs of both children.

This the sunset as seen from Gladys and Joe Sr.'s condo. We do not see many of these but they are beautiful when we do.

Joe's cuban grandmother Abuelita is so sweet and genuinely loves to meet the new additions to the family. We took a day trip to let her meet Millie. We think she was over stimulated at this point.

This is a beautiful new building that just went up next to our condo. How cool to have a view of a brand new building. It is fun to watch the roofers do their thing every morning.

The beach is just amazing- so wide and long and not densely populated in the least. The color of the water depends on the sun and the clouds. The water looked very turquoise this day due the dark grey clouds. There was a storm on the horizon.

This is also a view from our condo- as you can see South Florida is very flat.

Every time Millie is awake Joseph is begging to hold her and hug her. It only lasts a second but it is very sweet. The following are some pictures of Joseph with his cousins Michelle and Nicole and Jackie.

We have been staying in Marco Island, Florida now for over two weeks and are thoroughly enjoying it. We will be here the entire month of July and I can't believe how lucky we are. This is the type of place that inspires writing or creating of some sort. This week while Joe is working I have been enjoying the views even though I can't go down to the pool or the beach as much. Lillie and Ross and Sophia will be here in three days and we are so excited!!!