Monday, May 16, 2011

"Party Fleas" and "Speed Bugs"

Rather than try to describe every photo in the previous two posts I thought I would show the pictures and follow them up with a brief explanation of the party. My beautiful and talented forever-friend Irene took the pictures for me so I would be sure and put something about Millie's birthday on this blog! Knowing that- I had to go through with it! Let me just say that many, many beautiful things have happened to our family that have not been recorded on this blog. I would love to say that I have still been doing my part of "Family History" or "Family Historian" and recorded it elsewhere. But, I haven't. My daily life is a serious roller coaster of emotions. Really frustrating moments followed by mundane followed by frustrating followed by mundane followed by... glorious.

Clearly this little girl is a beacon of light and life and energy to me. She seriously sparkles when she is happy and cheerful or devious and defiant! She takes my breath away. She knows what she wants and how she plans to get it. She is only four but she is a powerful kid. For the past 9 months we have been planning her birthday party. It ended up that everyone we invited was able to attend (18 kids and most parents!!!). We had pizza and veggies and fruit- cake and cupcakes from Publix. Millie and I made the "treasure box" together. It was her idea to cluster the colors of jewels all together. She wanted her party to have princess games. When the games we had come up with went by really fast we ended up coming inside for a Family Home Evening favorite of Millie's: Charades. We decided to make it movie themed but that was a bit complicated for the kids so we ended up doing animal charades. They collected lost jewels, made crowns and shields, got wands and swords, fought off the "bad knight" (daddy) and even got to attack him with water balloons. I hope it was everything that Millie dreamed of. On my end it was more stressful than I imagined and oh-so hard to corral 18 kids to do anything much less listen to me as I set the scene for the next game but I think it was worth it. Millie hasn't started planning her 5th birthday yet- so that is a good sign. Good moments or horrible ones, I am so proud she's mine.

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Lillie said...

I can't believe I haven't commented on this yet, on here or to you on the phone... I just loved how you wrote this. Especially that last line of the first paragraph. I wish you wrote more, Lace, you're so good at it.

You are such a good mom to those precious kids. I love you so much! And WISH WISH WISH we could have come across country for Millie's party.